Top 6 Reasons to Eliminate High Fructose Corn Syrup From Your Diet

HighFructoseCornSyrupAs one of the cheapest sweeteners around, High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) helps food processing companies decrease their cost and increase their profits.

The problems is, as more and more HFCS has entered the food stream, our waistlines have also increased significantly.

Here is a list of 6 reasons why you should eliminate HFCS from your diet.

1. Increases risk of obesity–  Recently, researchers at Princeton University found that rats that were fed HFCS gained fat 300% more quickly than those fed an equal (or slightly larger) amount of fruit-derived sugar.

2.  Decreases your ability to know when you are full–  The University of Pennsylvania found, in a recent study, that fructose does not suppress the hunger-hormone ghrelin the way that glucose (table sugar) does. The women in the study who ate fructose instead of glucose had higher ghrelin levels and reported that they felt like they were starving all day. Additionally, HFCS tricks the body into not releasing the hormones insulin and leptin– the hormones released when your body feels full. So, sadly, if you eat or drink HFCS, you will crave more calories than if you had eaten plain table sugar.

3.  Liver damage–  This is a big one. Anything you eat or drink has to be processed by your liver, gallbladder, and kidneys. HFCS is particularly destructive to your liver as it can cause permanent liver scarring. Over time, this can lead to an expansive range of negative health concerns including fatty liver.

4.  Mercury exposure–  Did you know that HFCS is often loaded with high levels of mercury? One study found mercury in over 50% of samples tested. Mercury exposure can result in irreversible brain and nervous system damage, especially in young, growing bodies.

5.  Hypertension and elevated ‘bad’ cholesterol– HFCS doesn’t just make a body fat, it also makes a heart fat. There is a strong link between the irresponsible consumption of HFCS and elevated triglyceride and LDL (bad cholesterol) levels.

6. HFCS is everywhere– Unless we are hyper aware of what we are consuming, the chances are you are eating a LOT of HFCS. In fact, 100 years ago, humans consumed 20 teaspoons of sugar a year. Since the introduction of HFCS into the food stream, that amount has skyrocketed to more than 60 pounds per year on average. The typical soda contains 17 teaspoons of sugar (in the form of HFCS) per serving. It is nearly unavoidable. Unless you cook your food yourself using clean, whole foods. Which I recommend you always do! One of the quickest way to feel better day to day, is to break your addiction to processed foods and begin eating clean whole foods.

Elwin Robinson

Elwin Robinson is the Founder of Lion Heart Herbs, Europe's #1 Educator on the Taoist approach to Health, and #1 Supplier of High Quality and Affordable Taoist Tonic Herbs to the World.

Elwin is also the Founder of Complete Detox Academy, Taoist Health Academy, the Health Coaching Institute and High Energy Academy, as well as the author of 'the Easy Exhaustion Cure' and 'the 4 Step Safe and Effective Detox Action Plan'.

Elwin is highly Enthusiastic about empowering people to feel Energized, Joyful and Alive, Naturally and Sustainably, and has worked over 5 years with over 1000 clients towards this goal. Elwin is particularly passionate about working with clients who are highly committed to reaching high levels of Health, Energy and Wellbeing, by natural and sustainable means.

Elwin has always been interested in Health since childhood. With a mother who had cancer 4 times, and a father with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Elwin is determined to get to the Root Causes of what really creates Disease, and what it really takes to have Outstanding Health and Wellbeing. After suffering from Health Challenges all his life, Elwin became determined, in 2007, to 'Get his Energy back or Die Trying', and, with this level of Resolve, made rapid progress, after a few false starts, which led him naturally, organically, after many requests, to dedicate himself full time to helping others get the kind of Results that he had achieved.
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