The Lion Heart Herbs Taoist Tonic Formulas

herbal teaThe best way to take tonic herbs is as tea because it’s traditional and delicious and the herbs get into the bloodstream very quickly. You can get the whole herbs and boil them up to make tea in the traditional way, or you can get extract powders that you use to make instant tea.

Rejuvenate formula is all about the yin jing, which is unusual in Chinese herbal formulation, but we need it because in the modern world we are so depleted.

Strength formula is yang jing blend originally created to meet the challenges some people have when they eat high raw and/or are vegan. If you eat exclusively vegan foods you tend to lack yang jing; you may have less willpower and drive. It’s the classic stereotype of the thin, pale, pasty vegan who lacks force and vigour. This blend of herbs help restore yang jing. It’s also a spleen-warming formula so it works as a digestive tonic too. This is especially helpful again for those eating a lot of raw foods, as this can result in what the Chinese call ‘damp spleen’ which relates to problems like food intolerances, candida, phlegm and mucous. This blend will help to get your digestive fire going again.

Serenity is a shen formula for building integrity energy. Shen is the reason I got into Taoist tonic herbs because I loved the idea that taking these herbs can heal the spirit as well as the body and the central nervous system. Shen herbs also tend to be immune modulating herbs so this formula will also strengthen your immunity, helping it to keep out negative influences both at a physical level and at a heart level.

Immune formula strengthens your immune system more on the physical level. It is full of immune modulating herbs that work intelligently. Instead of blindly boosting your immune system, they give it what it needs and educate it to work better. If your immune system is over-active, they will tone it down and if your immunity is low, they will build it up.