For peaceful nights, calmer days and a long life

Zizyphus has special shen tonic abilities. Its first benefit is it helps you to sleep, especially if you have a chattering mind that won’t shut up. It’s good if you feel restless at night or if you wake up at night, sweating.

If you feel anxious or agitated, it can be used throughout the day as well. It’s a heart calming herb because it adds yin energy to the heart. It cools the heart and relieves issues like agitation, frustration and impatience.

Long-term use of zizyphus as a tonic herb is linked with

longevity. It brings profound balance between the heart and liver so you have less stress and can live longer as a result.

It’s a yin tonic for the liver as well, cooling and calming the liver to relieve anger and guilt and the other emotions relating to the liver. In its role as a liver tonic, zizyphus will also help to relieve headache and tension in the shoulders and neck.

I highly recommend zizyphus as part of a formula with other shen tonic herbs such as asparagus root, reishi and biota seed as a way to calm the spirit, calm the over-active mind and as a way to sleep peacefully and soundly throughout the night.

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