White Peony

White PeonyFor blood building, detoxifying, healing menstrual problems and for beauty

White peony is a beautiful flower and in traditional Chinese medicine it is said that taking white peony makes you as beautiful as the flower. This is what makes white peony of special appeal to women and is certainly used more by women than men. However, it does have benefits for both genders. So whether you’re a man or a woman, bear with me and check out this herb!

It has numerous benefits but perhaps its most important and powerful function is as a blood-builder and blood-cleanser.

Its ability to cleanse the blood is the reason it is included in Lion Heart Herbs Cleanse formula.

As a blood-builder white peony helps the body to create blood; to actually make the constituents of blood. This is important especially for women who often suffer blood deficiency because of menstrual loss. A woman who has experiences heavy loss or irregular menstruation would particularly benefit from white peony. White peony is helpful for all kinds of menstrual disorders and for this purpose is often used alongside dang gui (angelica) to make a powerful combination.

White peony is a liver yang suppressor which means it calms down an over-active liver. It has a similar effect to bupleurum which you might want to have a look at as well. In Chinese medicine, the liver has a tendency to overheat which may result in headaches, grinding your teeth, and tension in your neck and shoulders. On an emotional level an overheated liver may cause outpourings of anger, guilt and jealousy. White peony is really good for calming the liver down.

white peony benefits

Lastly, since it’s also a yin jing tonic, white peony has an astringent action on the fluids of the body. When we are depleted in yin jing energy ie our reserves of energy, we tend to lose too much fluid. Maybe we pee too frequently or sweat too easily, especially in night sweats. To correct this we need a yin jing herb. Schizandra is my favourite but white peony is also excellent for this, and in fact they can work really well in combination. They are both ingredients in Lion Heart Herbs Cleanse tonic herbal formula.

If any of the symptoms or issues I’ve shared with you sound familiar, I recommend white peony. It’s best used in a formula like Cleanse or in a blend you make yourself.

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