TribulusFor living life to the full in sports, in the gym, in the bedroom and in life

Tribulus is a herb well known for its benefits in athletics performance and body building because it’s so powerful for helping to balance the hormonal system.

This herb stimulates testosterone, especially in men but also in women. Having said that, it’s not going to make you grow facial hair or develop big muscles if you’re a woman; it’s not a steroid. It simply helps to optimise your hormone levels. If you’re a man, having high testosterone levels does mean you’re going to be healthier, you’ll live longer and you’ll have a better quality of life. Many women could often do with a little more testosterone as well.

Tribulus is a great herb for men but is also valid for women to some degree, and it’s great for athletes of both sexes. It’s helpful for anyone who is looking for more competitive drive, greater endurance and more confidence.

benefits of tribulusAs with other herbs, you can use it regularly and consistently, and you can use it sporadically by rotating tribulus with other yang jing herbs like cistanch or polyrachis ant. For instance, you could have tribulus 4 or 5 days out of 7 and have the other yang jing herbs on the other days. This keeps your body guessing, so that the effectiveness of the herb is maximised.

Some men have reported that tribulus can very quickly have an aphrodisiac effect, but that’s not a guaranteed result for everyone. I don’t want to make false claims, though to judge from the experiences of those who take it, the chances are pretty good, depending on the frame of mind you’re in at the time.

Tribulus is what I recommend for hormonal optimisation. Tribulus and horny goat weed are the best herbs for this purpose and I recommend you get both. Whether by living life fully by sports or going to the gym or passion in the bedroom, I highly recommend giving it a try.

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