SchisandraFor energy, for healing, for radiant beauty, and for joy

Schizandra is probably my favourite herb in the whole world. Of around five thousand herbs, used over a period of five thousand years in Chinese medicine, schizandra is pretty much right at the top. The reason for this is because for me, it’s the most far-reaching and universally beneficial tonic herb. The Chinese name for schizandra is ‘wu wei zi’ which means ‘five flavour fruit.’ The significance of this is that every flavour corresponds to an element or an organ system in the body, and there are five elements.

Schizandra is the only herb in the world, as far as I know, to tonify all five organ systems, heals all twelve meridians and builds up all three ‘treasures’. It’s an amazing herb. So what do I like to use schizandra for? Firstly it’s a kidney tonic herb. It helps to rebuild your deep reserves of energy. This is the energy that gets used up by excessive stress, exertion, mental chatter, sexual activity and recovery from trauma or surgery, to name a few examples. For healing yourself, schizandra is excellent. I also love it because it’s a very powerful jing-locking-in herb. In other words, it helps you to keep your energy in instead of leaking it away. Some of the ways you can tell this is working is when you notice you no longer have to urinate excessively often, and you’re less likely to sweat too frequently as well.

Schizandra prevents the unnecessary loss of fluids. Schisandra benefits It is famous as a beauty herb. It’s great for the skin, for giving you that radiant glow. In Chinese medicine they say that if you use it every day for 100 days, your skin will become radiantly beautiful and it will help heal many areas especially helping to heal your liver. This is valuable because most liver herbs, especially in Western medicine, are cleansing herbs and will quite often make you feel worse before they make you feel better. Not schizandra; it very gently gets rejuvenates the liver without causing any discomfort on the way.

Schizandra is famous for making you feel good. People who take it regularly notice being happy and joyful, and optimistic about life. This makes sense in that if your reserves of energy are replenished and you’re less aggravated by a toxic liver, then you’re going to feel really good about life. But I do find this feel-good factor actually happens in practice. I find that schizandra is a very grounding herb. For instance, people who are psychically or energetically sensitive find that taking this herb brings them right down to earth but in a good, solid, feeling-unstoppable kind of way.

Schizandra is one of the main herbs I recommend in the Easy Exhaustion Cure, and I consider the Lion Heart Herbs extract is the best form in which to take it. I can’t recommend schizandra highly enough, so try it for yourself.

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