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Reishi MushroomFor immune strength and for a mind at ease with itself and
the world

If you feel stressed or if you feel dis-ease in that you feel unhappy with yourself and your place in the world; if you have low immunity and get sick frequently, then reishi is the herb for you. Reishi is one of the most premium top-quality tonic herbs in the world.

There has been a lot of research into reishi’s immune-enhancing properties – its double-directional immune modulating property. If your immune system activity is too high, reishi will dial it down, and if your immune system is low, it will build it up. It’s educating the immune system to work better rather than just blindly stimulating it as echinacea does, for instance. There is plenty of documented evidence that reishi does this.

benefits of reishi

For me, the more interesting property of reishi is that it helps you to have a more open-minded, open-hearted, centred, peaceful and loving attitude to yourself and to life. That’s the effect it has had on me, and on many people I know who have used it consistently. It’s incredibly powerful in this way.

Reishi is one of the most spiritual herbs. It’s sometimes called ‘the herb of great fortune’ or ‘the great protector.’ In Chinese medicine it’s called a shen herb. Shen is the energy of spirit, it’s the energy of feeling good about life and living your destiny, doing what you’re meant to do in this world.

I love reishi mushroom and I encourage anyone who is feeling any depression, stress, anxiety or any mental or emotional disorder or dis-ease, to take reishi for an extended period. I recommend three to six months or longer and you’ll get excellent results from this effective and powerful tonic herb.

Lion Heart Herbs Reishi Mushroom Extract is extracted from Duanwood Reishi origin from Dabie Mountains, grown organically without use of agrochemicals.

We carefully select and only pick the the finest and most potent reishi fruiting body for our production, all our reishi extracts are at least at 10:1 concentration, GMO free, Non-irradiated, No ETO, and Allergen free.

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