Prepared Rehmannia


Strengthen your capacity to adapt and cope with stress

Prepared Rehmannia is a top kidney tonic and blood builder. It can do two powerfully beneficial things for you; it can replenish your reserves of energy and it can build up depleted blood.

Kidney tonic herbs like prepared rehmannia are important because they strengthen the kidney organ system which is the root of the body’s energy. It’s where your reserves are, it’s what helps you adapt to life. The more stress you have, the less of that reserve energy you are likely to have.

Prepared rehmannia is great at replenishing that adaptive capacity we all need in order to flow with life instead of getting stressed or overwhelmed by what life throws at us. It does this by strengthening (tonifying) the kidneys.

If you do feel stressed or if you feel you can never get enough rest, or when you are slow to recover from things, these are signs that your kidneys are depleted of yin energy. Prepared rehmannia has a warming, tonifying effect on the kidneys, replacing the lost yin energy.

benefits of Prepared RehmanniaPrepared rehmannia is a powerful blood builder. If you have any degree of blood deficiency, especially if you are a woman, your blood becomes depleted of some of the constituents required to transport oxygen and nutrients around the body. Prepared rehmannia helps your body to build the blood back up. It will also help to detoxify the blood to some degree, clearing out wastes and toxins.

Rehmannia can be obtained in its raw or unprepared form but that has a different function. Prepared rehmannia comes as extract powder or in its original form as black, slightly greasy disks of a chewy texture (and some people who like the taste do chew it in this form!) but be cautious as it can potentially cause loose stools. To avoid this, it’s ideal if prepared rehmannia is used as part of a formula like Lion Heart Herbs Rejuvenate or Cleanse blends. Alternatively rehmannia can be balanced by being taken in combination with a spleen tonic like white atractylodes or astragalus.

Prepared rehmannia is known as ‘the kidney’s own food’ and is so powerful and beneficial that I would encourage you to always include it if you are making your own kidney tonic blend.

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