Poria Mushroom


To feel grounded and calm, and to clear the digestive system

Poria Mushroom has several powerful benefits, but I will focus on its two main functions.

The first is that it can relieve a tendency to accumulate moisture in the body. Poria is a chi tonic that is good for all issues that relate to systemic dampness in the body, including fungal conditions, water retention, and food intolerances. Poria will get that stagnant water moving out of the body.

The spleen organ system is the one that most commonly suffers under damp conditions. ‘Damp spleen’ will affect your digestion, which may be clogged up with waste. Poria is good to help clear that waste, especially if used in combination with White Atractylodes.

Poria is also a shen tonic herb that can be of help on a spiritual level so that you feel better about life. It’s famous for helping you feel more grounded and down-to-earth, with a calmer, broader perspective on life. It’s a shen stabilising herb; rather than being all in your head and all over the place, you can come back down to earth and feel calmer and be more present. It’s particularly good in combination with other shen herbs such as reishi, as found in Lion Heart Herbs Serenity formula.

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