Polyrachis Mountain Ant

Polyrachis Mountain AntFor strength, better sports performance and for feeling good about life

Polyrachis is one of the most nutrient-dense, powerful tonic herbs in existence. There are too many benefits of polyrachis for me to describe all of them, so I will concentrate here on the three main benefits.

Firstly, it’s one of the most powerful yang jing herbs which means it gives you that confidence, strength, endurance and drive – all of those qualities that come from having good levels of reserve energy and good levels of hormones, especially testosterone for men and progesterone for women. That feeling of wellbeing and feeling good about life that healthy levels of neurotransmitters can bring is enhanced by polyrachis.

Another awesome thing about polyrachis is the incredibly high nutritional content. Probably the most outstanding thing is the high levels of zinc.

Even if you are vegan, I would ask you to give some consideration to taking polyrachis. If you are totally strict I respect that of course. The reason I ask you to think about this is many people tend to be deficient in zinc and this is especially likely to be the case in vegans. Zinc is such an important mineral, and is needed for hundreds of vital enzymatic processes in the body. I like to call zinc your ‘lust for life’ mineral. Polyrachis is an excellent natural way of getting zinc.

It’s also full of all kinds of other minerals plus amino acids and vitamin B12 which is hard to get in our food supply. Best of all, polyrachis is full of ATP. ATP is full of pure cellular energy, and few herbs or foods have high amounts of it. All of this means polyrachis is exceptional nutritionally.

Polyrachis is a very powerful liver tonic herb. It’s great mainly to strengthen but also to gently cleanse the liver.

Polyrachis is an actual ant, so it’s not a vegan product. It’s still referred to as a herb even though it’s an ant, because in Chinese medicine anything which has profound healing qualities is referred to as a herb, regardless of animal vegetable or mineral origin.

I highly recommend polyrachis ant. You don’t have to use a lot; even half a teaspoon a day will be awesome. Use it when you’re doing any kind of sports or training regime to see your results improve significantly. Lion Heart Herbs offers an extract that is very good value for money compared to a lot of other polyrachis products. So unless you have very strong issues about eating anything not vegetarian or vegan, then give it a try.

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