To relieve dryness, connect with spirit and calm the heart

Ophiopogon is an amazing herb that has many practical applications. It’s a strongly yin herb with a cooling and fluid-inducing nature. In practice this means it is great if you have a dry mouth or lips, which is a sign of a lack of yin in the stomach.

This herb is also good for smokers and singers. If you have a dry cough due to lack of fluid in the lungs, ophiopogon will bring relief. It can help with constipation which is sometimes due to dryness in the bowels. The ability of ophiopogon to moisten dry areas is incredibly powerful in all

of these conditions. It mainly works on the lungs, the stomach and the heart meridian.

It’s the heart where ophiopogon demonstrates some of its most interesting properties. It’s a shen tonic herb so it helps you connect with your spirit and feel better about life.

benefits of ophiopogonSpecifically, ophiopogon helps to cool down the heart. If you are prone to irritability and frustration and impatience – and at its extreme, hatred and cruelty – it will calm the agitation, allowing you to centre yourself and not get too carried away.

While it’s wonderful to feel passionate about things, if it means you lose your compassion then ophiopogon will cool, calm and restore balance.

It’s a good idea to have a supply handy for those times when you need to relieve conditions related to dryness. It’s of particular benefit to cool down the heart where necessary so if you recognise yourself in my description or you have other people telling you that you have those emotions – agitation and impatience and so on – then this would be an awesome herb to try.

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