Maitake Mushroom

MaitakeFor a strong immune system

Maitake is one of my favourite tonic herbs to use for the immune system. If ever I or one of my clients feel less than 100% or feel an infection threatening to come on, then immediately starting a course of maitake is the priority in all such cases. It’s usually taken in a formulation along with reishi, agaricus and astragalus plus a supporting cast of other herbs.

Maitake helps to educate and strengthen the immune system. What’s interesting about the medicinal mushrooms – maitake, reishi, chaga, agaricus and so on – is that they help the immune system to work more efficiciently and effectively. They don’t over-stimulate an already over-active immune system as herbs like echinacea sometimes do.

There’s a lot of research going on into the benefits of maitake at present because it seem to help with all kinds of serious diseases which I’m not allowed to mention in a public forum such as this. But I highly encourage you to look for yourself at the research being done into how maitake may help with the c word for instance.

To strengthen your immune system and to get you to a point of radiant health and safe from disease, I strongly recommend daily use of maitake. Try it!

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