To build energy reserves and immunity, reduce stress, strengthen the liver and clean the blood

Ligustrum is a highly effective but underrated tonic herb with numerous benefits. It’s a berry seed that has been in use as a tonic herb for around 3000 years.

Firstly it’s a kidney yin tonic, helping you to build up your reserves of adaptive energy. The effect is to reduce your stress which is why it’s one of the herbs included in Lion Heart Herbs Rejuvenate blend.

Its efficacy for reducing stress also means it can help restore original hair colour, as prematurely greying hair is a sign of stress.

Ligustrum can improve sexual function, especially impotence or infertility.

It is also an immune modulator. Instead of just stimulating your immune system, it works to make it function more efficiently and effectively. If your immune system needs to calm down then ligustrum will calm it down. If instead your immune system needs to ramp up, then it will help it ramp up.

Ligustrum is a liver tonic herb, strengthening and protecting the liver. It is particularly beneficial for the eyes, as is true of many berries.

Finally, ligustrum is a blood tonic. It helps to transport toxicity out of the blood as easily, safely and effectively as possible, making it an excellent cleanser.

I personally use it every day as part of my Rejuvenate formula. If you wanted, you could make your own tonic formula by combining ligustrum with things like schizandra and ho she wu. It’s also good on its own if you just want to try it and discover what benefits it has for you.

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