LigusticumFor improving circulation, building and cleansing blood, and relieving pain

Ligusticum is a blood vitaliser which means it improves your circulation and is a general tonic for building blood. It’s also an effective blood cleanser so is good when included in a cleansing formula.

It is excellent for helping with menstrual problems because it gets stagnant blood moving and released from the body where necessary. Many of the disorders of menstruation are caused by blood stagnating in the uterus which is why ligusticum is so effective and relieves menstrual pain.

Ligusticum has also been found to be beneficial for the heart as well as the circulatory system in general. It is used clinically in China to treat and prevent heart disease.

The pain associated with arthritis and rheumatism can be relieved by ligusticum.

The first thing you notice when you see ligusticum as a live herb is how beautiful it is. Next you notice the pungent smell. It has a pleasant warming quality when taken. Ligusticum is not a tonic herb however, so it’s not a herb to take in large quantities or for an extended period, or even on its own. It’s best used as part of a formula such as Lion Heart Herbs Cleanse formula. If you are learning to use herbs and you want to make your own blends, then ligusticum is available from Lion Heart Herbs for you to use, with caution. It works well when combined with white peony or prepared rehmannia.

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