Hydrolysed Pearl

PearlFor beauty and for calming stress and overwhelm

Pearl is a top Chinese tonic herb and it’s exactly what you think; the same pearl created by oysters that are used as jewellery. So why do we want to take pearl? What Taoists found over thousands of years of study and experimentation is that pearl is a powerful tonic herb that is good for many things.

The main purpose for which pearl is used in traditional Chinese medicine is as a beauty herb. It’s excellent for the hair, skin and nails and for improving overall appearance. It’s full of minerals which help you to build those qualities, and to build strong bones as well.

Pearl also has shen-stabilising qualities. If you feel ‘all over the place,’ irritated and stressed (interesting because irritation is what causes the oysters to form the pearls!) then pearl is what you need. Right away it will bring you back down to earth, making you focused and centred, helping you to feel calm and at peace. Instead of feeling pulled in all directions, you will feel strong and harmonious in your attitude to yourself and the way you approach life.

I highly recommend pearl if you have any issues with anxiety, stress or overwhelm. Pearl is good in combination with reishi, another excellent shen herb. Its power as a shen-stabilizer calms your spirit. Pearl is also good if you just want to keep yourself calm and grounded, and if you want to look more beautiful the older you get.

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