HorsetailFor beauty, energy and bone health

The most remarkable thing about horsetail is that it has incredibly high levels of silica, way higher than any other food or herb. Horsetail is a tonic herb used for thousands of years in Western medicine as a source of silica and for its jing-building power that builds up energy reserves.

Silica is a very important mineral for health. It is one of the most abundant minerals on earth and yet it is hard to find in our food supply so it’s a nutrient that we tend to lack.

Silica is important for all of the things which in Chinese medicine we call jing. It’s vital for the health of your bones in particular, and is also important for skin, hair and nails. David Wolfe refers to it as the number one beauty mineral. I have used it myself to improve the quality of my hair, skin and nails. While it hasn’t made me beautiful exactly, the strength and appearance of my hair, skin and nails is certainly much better than it used to be.

Another benefit the silica in horsetail can provide is more energy and a feeling of lightness, and an ability to adapt and be flexible on both a physical and a literal level. The more silica you have, the more your bones are likely to be able to bend. The less silica you have the more your bones become brittle. Have you ever wondered why older people are so much more likely than younger people to break bones if they fall? It’s because they’re low in silica.

Silica is one of those things that is hard to get but is a nutrient we really need to be healthy. I highly recommend that you use a silica supplement – there is one available at Lion Heart Herbs – but horsetail is the more traditional and natural way to get your silica.

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