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goji berryFor longevity, brain power, clear vision and stress relief

Goji berries are an amazing yin jing herb. They build your reserves of energy at a kidney level, which means they help you to feel calm because they calm your central nervous system and help it to work better. They give you more endurance and help your body to heal. They help your brain to work better. In short, they have all of the outstanding qualities for which yin jing herbs are famous.

Goji berries have extraordinary nutritional properties. In particular, they contain very high levels of carotenoids, a red colour pigment that your body can convert to vitamin A.

Goji berries have more carotenoids than any other food in the world – way more than carrots, for instance.

They also have high levels of anti-oxidants which help your body to neutralise free radicals. Free radicals are among your body’s normal metabolic waste products though they can come in from outside too. Free radicals cause aging so by taking them out, goji berries are an anti-aging herb.

As a stress relieving herb, goji berries are especially powerful; they are famous for making you feel happy when consumed long term.

The Latin name for goji is lycium, which is where the words for library and university come from. This relates to goji’s ability to make your brain work better. They help you to learn better, and I have certainly found this to be the case.

goji berry benefitsGojis are great for the liver and for the eyes. Both carotenoids and berries in general are good for the eyes, so gojis win twice over in that regard. Their strengthening effects on the liver are valuable because there aren’t many tonic herbs for the liver. Schizandra is another great one, but gojis are excellent too because they are gentle and yet subtly powerful.

Lion Heart Herbs goji berry extract is of exceptional quality and is absolutely delicious. You would have to eat a lot of goji berries to get the same nutritional and tonic benefits as you get from one teaspoon of this extract. Also eating the large amounts of the whole fruits means consuming quite a lot of sugar which isn’t ideal for every one.

If you aren’t sensitive to sugar then eating a small handful of gojis each day is awesome, but even then you can benefit greatly from having a teaspoon of the extract each day as well, because it enhances both the taste and the potency of other herb blends.

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