Eucommia Bark

eucommia barkKeep Your Bones, Tendons and Cartilage Strong, Supple and Quick to Heal

Eucommia is a jing tonic, which means it fortifies everything related to the kidney organ system. In practice this means it helps your brain to function better and it helps your whole central nervous system to function better which often relates to lowering stress and anxiety. It helps to give you feeling more confidence, more certainty, and more grounded.

Eucommia helps to heal the adrenal glands, which again means it lowers your levels of stress and anxiety.

It nourishes your reproductive organs and brings your hormones into balance.

Eucommia specialises in healing and strengthening the bones and connective tissue; the ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. This is excellent to keep yourself strong and supple throughout your life. Keeping bones strong and connective tissue supple becomes more of an issue as we get older. Even if you are younger, you can benefit by taking it to stop such problems developing.

If you have had any kind of injury, eucommia is helpful. It’s a tonic herb so it is strengthening your body rather than having a medicinal effect. But it has been used for thousands of years to speed up healing when there is an injury such as sprains or broken bones. At such times, eucommia is taken in medium to large size doses, when it will heal the damage more quickly in most cases.

If you have a piece of the whole herb ie of a piece of the bark, and you break it open, you see it has a layer of white sticky stuff that looks almost like glue. This relates to what in medicine is called the Doctrine of Signatures, where you can often tell what benefit a given herb has by what it looks like. For example, walnuts are good for the brain and they look like little brains, and kidney beans look like kidneys and so on. In the same way, eucommia looks a little like connective tissue. So something that looks like it feeds your connective tissue, actually does.

Eucommia is a premium herb in Chinese medicine, and I’m happy to be able to make a very high quality product available to you at Lion Heart Herbs at an affordable price. Give it a try; take it to strengthen your tendons and cartilage, or just have some handy in case of injury or damage.

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