DendrobiumFor building reserve energy and better hydration

I really fell in love with dendrobium quite a few years ago but then it became unavailable for some time, so I’m excited to be able to make this amazing herb available for you to try now. It is a profoundly replenishing herb, building up energy and helping proper hydration. If you feel drained or depleted, this is the herb for you.

Dendrobium is a yin jing herb so it builds up your reserves of adaptive energy. This is the energy that is depleted by stress, tension, excessive sexual or mental activity, or trauma. Anything that pushes you hard, even good experiences

will tend you drain you of adaptive or ‘jing’ energy. Dendrobium helps to build this energy back up.

This energy-building property is true of other herbs available at Lion Heart Herbs such as ho she wu and schizandra, but what’s especially interesting about dendrobium is how powerful it is for hydrating. Good hydration is an essential component of good health.

One of the challenges with hydration is the more dehydrated you get, the more you don’t want water. You drink it and it just goes straight through and doesn’t help you. Dendrobium is an excellent herb for helping you take in water at a cellular level, making you feel so much better.

For this reason, dendrobium is quite often used as a sports drink. In China it is often taken in the water along with electrolytes to replenish athletes during a marathon, for example.

Dendrobium is great in combination with ho she wu and/or schizandra. It’s awesome as a deep level replenisher. If you feel drained or exhausted or fatigued, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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