Deer Antler

deer antlerFor stamina, drive and endurance and for rapid healing from illness or injury

Deer antler is a powerful yang jing tonic herb, which means it strengthens the kidney organ system. It’s especially good at giving you confidence, virility, stamina and endurance. Deer antler gives us that big, strong energy; all of the vigour and vitality that yang jing herbs provide.

It is also a famous aphrodisiac for both men and women. It’s also powerfully hormone-regulating. A lot of people use it very successfully for this purpose, especially for boosting testosterone. Only the male deer have antlers, so it is a male herb. It can be helpful for both sexes though, since both need some testosterone. Deer antler is not a steroid so it is safe and will not cause over-production of testosterone.

A powerful property of a deer’s antler comes from the way that, when it’s cut off, the antler quickly re-grows; the tissue regenerates. It contains IgF growth factor. One of the most exciting things about deer antler is its potential for allowing cells to re-grow.

When humans sustain damage to the body, we have less capacity to re-grow tissue because we have less growth factor. This is why deer antler is used to assist in re-growing tissue. Obviously it can’t do anything as dramatic as re-growing whole limbs and organs, but it can certainly help to re-grow damaged tissue, including nerve tissue.

In Chinese medicine, anything with beneficial properties is considered a herb whether it’s animal, vegetable or mineral. This is why deer antler is referred to as a herb even though it’s an animal product; literally the growing tips of a deer’s antlers. These are collected without hurting the deer. All Lion Heart Herbs deer antler is ethically sourced.

Deer antler is a premium product and is usually very expensive. Lion Heart Herbs’ deer antler is a high quality product available at an excellent price. Give this incredible herb a try if you are interested in endurance and stamina, if you’re interested in its aphrodisiac properties or if you’re interested in regenerating damaged tissue.

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