Cordyceps Mushroom

cordycepsFor greater athletic performance and a strong immune system

Cordyceps is a potent and fascinating tonic herb, rated very highly in Chinese medicine. It’s yang jing which means it strengthens the kidney organ system to improve your drive, your endurance, your confidence.

It’s famously used by athletes because it improves performance even though it’s not a steroid. Some years ago the Chinese Olympic team did so remarkably well that everyone sat up and took notice but no one knew the secret of

their success. One of the trainers eventually revealed that the team used cordyceps. It’s a very powerful herb for strength and endurance.

Cordyceps is also famous for increasing virility and fertility, especially the more masculine, dynamic go-getting qualities.

It’s a fungus but a healthy kind that is not a problem for those who are sensitive to fungus, such as people with candida issues. In fact cordyceps is used in China to treat fungus and yeast infections. Traditionally it could only be collected in its wild state; it wasn’t possible to cultivate cordyceps. It grows when a caterpillar is infected with the spores. The fungus then consumes the entire caterpillar until all you are left with is a caterpillar-shaped mushroom.

Traditionally, cordyceps was so rare and highly prized that it was illegal for anyone other than the nobility to take it. It was extremely expensive. In recent years, scientists have perfected laboratory-based cultivation of cordyceps. So don’t worry – no caterpillars were harmed in the making of Lion Heart Herbs cordyceps!

Cordyceps contains profound immune-modulating compounds that intelligently train the immune system to work better. It is also a powerful lung tonic, helping you not just to breath better but also to absorb oxygen better. If you know my work you’ll be aware of how important this is for core health.

This is an awesome herb. It’s especially good combined with a yin jing herb such as schizandra or ho she wu. It’s really only recently become available in the West. Order it now!

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