For building the strength of the muscles, the blood, the digestion and the
immune system

Codonopsis is a herb I have every morning without fail. It’s great for the digestive system because it’s a spleen tonic. Its warm, dry energy relieves ‘damp spleen’ conditions like yeast infections and water retention, and increases your digestive fire.

Codonopsis is beneficial if you want to build muscle and increase your endurance during training.

It’s a blood fortifier so it helps build the strength of the blood, which is why it’s often included in blood tonic combinations. This makes it especially helpful for those recovering from illness and for sufferers of chronic fatigue.

A further benefit of codonopsis is it’s an effective immune system tonic. It helps your immune system to work better and build more of what you need, making it function more efficiently and intelligently.

It’s a really tasty herb, a root that’s a type of yam often found in Chinese cooking so it’s something you can just eat as a food as well as a herbal tonic.

Codonopsis is one of the main ingredients in Lion Heart Herbs ‘Strength’ formula for its chi tonic benefits. It’s also an ingredient in the ‘Cleanse’ formula because of its blood building properties.

I generally use it either in a blend like ‘Strength’ or if I want to concentrate just on digestion, I use it with white atractylodes and astragalus; those three together are a really great combination. I might also use it in a blend for the immune system in combination with astragalus and cat’s claw.

So I highly recommend you have this awesome herb on a regular basis especially if its properties are relevant to you. It’s mild and gentle and is both easy and safe to use over long periods.

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