Cnidium Seed

herbs cnidium seed

To increase power, potency
and energy

Cnidium Seed has one primary purpose which it does very effectively; it increases your yang jing energy. Yang jing is your power, your potency, and often your sexual energy too.

It is a warming, drying herb for the kidneys so cnidium is helpful if you tend to feel cold. Cnidium has also long been used to correct ‘dampness’ and any of the conditions associated with dampness, like fungal problems. It’s usually used externally for fungal conditions, so if you want to use it internally for that particular problem, it’s best done under the supervision of a good herbal practitioner.

I would recommend cnidium in general if you would like a little more ‘oompf’ in your life: a little more drive especially sex drive. If you know you have chilly kidneys it is excellent for that too.

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