Chaga Mushroom

chaga mushroomFor powerful anti-aging benefits and a healthy
immune system

Chaga is an extraordinarily effective anti-aging herb that will also strengthen and support your immune system. It’s a tonic herb that has been used traditionally in Russia and Siberia for thousands of years. It grows in northern climates all around the world.

Chaga is a unique and powerful medicinal mushroom. It has incredibly high antioxidant levels which helps your body to neutralise free radicals. Free radicals are damaging particles that cause our bodies to age. They come in from outside and

are created in the body by normal metabolic processes. Chaga neutralises them, making it a powerful anti-aging herb.

It also has supercharged polysaccharide qualities. This means it helps to nourish and educate your immune system. The particular strain of chaga mushroom supplied at Lion Heart Herbs is especially high in these beneficial polysaccharides.

What a double-directional herb like chaga does is superior to some other immune boosting herbs like echinacea that can over stimulate the immune system. Chaga educates and trains the immune system to work better. If your immune system is over-active it will calm it down. If your immune system is sluggish, it will support it and ramp it up, and keep it at the right level. Chaga is a powerful immune system support herb.

If you’d like to know more about chaga, check out the work of David Wolfe who has written a whole book just about chaga. Chaga is his favourite herb in the world. When he was in London he came to visit me and the first thing he asked for was chaga!

I highly recommend the book but the most important thing is to just try it without worrying about all of the theory. Take some and feel it go to work, getting you to that level of radiant health that you deserve. Try it!

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