Cat’s Claw

cats clawFor defence against illness and for supporting your body during stress or illness

The most impressive thing about Cat’s Claw is what it does for the immune system. It is immune modulating which means that it responds to the needs of the immune system. If the immune system is over-active then Cat’s Claw will calm it down. If the immune system is under-active then it will ramp up the activity. This puts Cat’s Claw in a special category of intelligent herbs. The majority of herbs will only do one of those things, at most. It goes in, finds out what’s needed, and acts accordingly.

In practical terms, Cat’s Claw is will help prevent illness by giving a boost to the system and if you are already ill, you can take larger amounts to support your body through the illness. I prefer it for that purpose than more commonly used herbs like echinacea. It’s really powerful, really effective.

benefits of cats clawCat’s Claw also has an affinity with the intestines and is useful if you have any kind of intestinal infection. It’s good as a general tonic too as it has powerful anti-inflammatory properties as well as powerful anti-oxidant properties. For your long term well being, Cat’s Claw is a great ally.

Cat’s claw is included at Lion Heart Herbs even though it’s not a Chinese tonic herb because I see it as a true tonic. It’s also known as una de gato.

Even if you don’t have it every day, at least have it to hand. Then it can be hugely beneficial when you are in a situation when your immune system will be taxed. For instance it may be cold outside or you may not be getting enough sleep, whatever stress is making you more vulnerable to illness. Using Cat’s Claw will first of all help stop you succumbing to illness in the first place but if the worst happens, it will support you through that illness.

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