To cleanse the liver and
calm agitation

Bupleurum is one of my favourite herbs for the liver. It’s not a tonic herb. Since Lion Heart Herbs is dedicated to tonic herbs, why do I include bupleurum in the range? The reason is that sometimes cleansing is necessary, especially liver cleansing. When the liver does need cleansing, in Chinese medicine we use a formulation with bupleurum as the main ingredient, with a lot of other tonic herbs as supportive ingredients. Lion Heart Herbs own Cleanse blend is just such a formula, but if you’d like make your own bupleurum-based blend then you can, but take heed of the caution below.

Bupleurum is used for cleansing and cooling the liver. When the liver is blocked up with waste, bupleurum acts like a kind of washing up liquid, allowing the waste to be removed. When waste is cleared from the liver, there is no direct exit point. This is why bupleurum must be combined with other herbs – usually blood building herbs – to support the body in transporting all of that toxicity out. Good examples of supporting herbs for bupleurum are dang gui (angelica) and white peony. You could make a good basic cleanse formula by adding bupleurum to white peony.

Its function as a herb that cools and calms the liver is like a shen tonic ability in that it calms the spirit. If you have a tendency to be agitated and to flare up easily, then bupleurum can be a really helpful herb. It will reduce inflammation in the liver on a physical level but it will also help you to feel more at ease and more at peace in the world.

Caution: bupleurum is a powerful and effective herb but don’t use it on its own. Use it as part of a blend like Cleanse or with appropriate tonic herbs as mentioned. Also remember that bupleurum is not a tonic herb, so it should not be taken in large quantities every day for years. Stick to the recommended dosages on the packet, and cycle it on and off. If you need to clear out your liver or calm your spirit down for a month or two then go ahead, but then have a month off. This is a good rule of thumb, that for every two months you are using it, you have at least one month when you don’t have it. This will allow your body to catch up and remove the debris that bupleurum is so effective at removing and releasing.

I highly recommend having bupleurum, especially if the symptoms we’ve looked at here do apply to you.

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