astragalusFor metabolic energy and immune strength

Astragalus helps you to digest better and it helps you to breathe better. Both functions need to be working well for you to be able to get more energy. Astragalus is a powerful chi tonic herb. Chi is your body’s energy. In Western medicine it’s called ATP; your cellular energy. Astragalus helps you get more energy from what you eat and from the air you breathe.

Since it’s a spleen tonic it is good for the digestive system though it does have a few other functions as well. Astragalus warms the digestive tract, assisting your digestive fire which

is something you want to keep strong. Having plenty of digestive fire translates in the West to having a fast metabolism. Generally the faster you metabolize (to a certain degree), the healthier you are and the less likely you are to put on weight. So astragalus helps keep your metabolism going.

It’s excellent as an immune system strengthener and is widely used for this purpose.

I also like that it tastes really good with its mild sweet and slightly sour taste. I usually make it as tea, but because it tastes so good you can put it into almost anything eg home made chocolates, desserts or smoothies– even pizza if that’s what you like! (not that I’d recommend eating pizza). The point is it’s a very beneficial herb and is delicious-tasting, so drink, or put it in your food – anything as long as you try it.

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