Asparagus Root

Asparagus Root

To open and uplift the heart, clear the lungs and build up depleted energy

Asparagus Root is powerful in three main ways. Firstly, it clears and opens up the lungs. Asparagus root can help move phlegm out of the lungs and make the alveoli more efficient so you take in more oxygen with each breath. If you have a cold or a respiratory ailment, asparagus root can assist with that, though obviously it’s better if you use it as a preventative measure so as not to get ill in the first place!

Because it helps with the lungs, with regular use it will help with the voice, making it clearer and more powerful. Regular use will also help your skin look and feel good, because the health of the skin is connected closely with the function of the lungs.

Secondly, asparagus root is a Shen tonic. This means it helps you tune into and move into alignment with your spirit. On a practical level this will show up as feeling better about life, feeling uplifted. It’s often referred to as ‘the flying herb’ because traditionally when Taoists took it, they would dream of flying. Psychologists will tell you this is a sign of feeling free, of feeling liberated.

Asparagus root is specifically a Shen awakening herb or Shen opening herb, which is the rarer type of Shen herb. It works to open the heart, make you feel good about life, make you feel ‘up’. It helps you to connect with ‘the Spirit’ as the Taoists call it, and also to connect with the world around you.

Thirdly, it has a kidney yin tonifying effect. It helps you to replenish the body’s sexual fluids and (with long term use) restore sexual function. It has general kidney tonifying benefits such as improving your endurance, your ability to heal and recover, wound healing, and helping you not to feel stressed about things.

In case you are wondering if this is the root of the same kind of asparagus you buy at the supermarket, the answer is yes, almost. This herb is a slightly different genus of asparagus; it’s basically a wilder, more potent version of the asparagus you put on your plate.

Personally I aim to have asparagus root every day because it’s so beneficial in general terms, but it’s especially worthwhile if you have any of the issues mentioned. Take it if you feel down and closed off to the world, if you have respiratory issues, or if you’re feeling depleted and needing to build your reserves of energy up. Asparagus root is good in all of those cases.

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