Albizzia Flower

albizzia flower

For healing your heart and lifting your spirits

Albizzia Flower is the herb you need if you are broken-hearted, depressed, grieving, upset or if your spirits need lifting. It is a powerful mood elevating Shen tonic herb, helping you to feel good about yourself and your life.
Albizzia helps you to sleep better and to feel more peaceful generally, which is why it is one of the ingredients in Lion Heart Herbs Serenity blend.

Albizzia flower has the same properties as Albizzia bark but is more potent.

Albizzia is all about healing the heart, along with the hurt, trauma and resentments that can accumulate. Whether you have closed your heart to protect it from further hurt or you feel too vulnerable and open to hurt, albizzia flower will strengthen and heal your heart and help you to once more feel good about yourself and other people.

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