Health Benefits of Eating Radishes

ING-radish_sql“Crisp, peppery little summer radishes are indeed the perfect way to kick-start a meal, bold enough to set the gastric juices flowing, yet barely denting the appetite”. — Sophie Grigson

 One of the earliest harvests of the season is the often overlooked radish. These scarlet and snow white globes rarely appear on a typical dinner table. Most people have no idea how to cook them or that they can be cooked at all. 

 These gorgeous spheres deserve a place in the forefront of our diets as they offer a huge array of benefits to our health. Additionally, they are delicious both raw and cooked.

 1. Naturally Cooling–  Radishes are naturally cooling and their pungent flavor is highly regarded in Eastern medicine for the ability to decrease excess heat in the body that can build up during warmer months.

2.  Soothes Sore Throats–  Their strong spicy flavor can help eliminate excess mucus in the body and can be especially helpful when fighting a cold. Radishes can help clear the sinuses and soothe sore throats too.

3.  Aids Digestion–  Radishes are a natural cleansing agent for the digestive system, helping to break down and eliminate stagnant food and toxins built up over time.

4.  Prevents Viruses–  Because of their high Vitamin C content and natural cleansing effects, eating radishes on a regular basis can help prevent viral infections.

5. Eliminates Toxins–  In Eastern and Ayurvedic healing practices, radishes are said to have effective toxin-purging effects, helping break down and eliminate toxins and cancer-causing free radicals in the body.

6.  Protects Against Cancer–  As a part of the cruciferous vegetable family, radishes contain phytonutrients, fiber, vitamins and minerals that are cancer protecting.

7.  Relieves Indigestion–  Radishes have a calming effect of the digestive system and can help relieve bloating and indigestion.

8.  Low in Calories–  With a very low calorie count, less than twenty per cup, radishes are a great way to add nutrients, fiber and flavor to your meals.

9.  Hydration–  With a high water content and lots of Vitamin C, radishes are a nourishing food for the tissues and can help keep your body hydrated and your skin looking fresh and healthy all summer long.

Next time you are walking around your local farmers market, think about picking up a bunch of radishes. Check back for a wonderful recipe for roasted radishes soon!

Elwin Robinson

Elwin Robinson is the Founder of Lion Heart Herbs, Europe's #1 Educator on the Taoist approach to Health, and #1 Supplier of High Quality and Affordable Taoist Tonic Herbs to the World.

Elwin is also the Founder of Complete Detox Academy, Taoist Health Academy, the Health Coaching Institute and High Energy Academy, as well as the author of 'the Easy Exhaustion Cure' and 'the 4 Step Safe and Effective Detox Action Plan'.

Elwin is highly Enthusiastic about empowering people to feel Energized, Joyful and Alive, Naturally and Sustainably, and has worked over 5 years with over 1000 clients towards this goal. Elwin is particularly passionate about working with clients who are highly committed to reaching high levels of Health, Energy and Wellbeing, by natural and sustainable means.

Elwin has always been interested in Health since childhood. With a mother who had cancer 4 times, and a father with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Elwin is determined to get to the Root Causes of what really creates Disease, and what it really takes to have Outstanding Health and Wellbeing. After suffering from Health Challenges all his life, Elwin became determined, in 2007, to 'Get his Energy back or Die Trying', and, with this level of Resolve, made rapid progress, after a few false starts, which led him naturally, organically, after many requests, to dedicate himself full time to helping others get the kind of Results that he had achieved.
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