Healing the Spleen System to Holistically find Improved Health and Wellbeing

Part 1 of 2: Physical Indications of a Problematic Spleen System

spleen 1Welcome to the final installment in my series about the five Chinese organ systems. We conclude this educational series with two more posts regarding the spleen system.

The spleen-stomach organ system is responsible for digestion and absorption of nutrients.  It includes the spleen, the pancreas, the stomach, all anabolic processes (growth) and the muscular system.

The spleen’s job is to turn food into energy and into growth.  The pancreas regulates blood sugar which gives us our everyday energy, known as chi.  The spleen particularly relates to the immune system.

Digestive problems, either a poor appetite or a tendency to overeat, low energy or difficulty gaining muscle weight are signs of a weak spleen.  Other signs include having a dry mouth, a white coating on your tongue, excessive sweating, food intolerances, and fungal infections (known as a ‘damp spleen’ condition in Chinese medicine).

Digestive issues relating to the spleen organ system will be generalised rather than only affecting one part of the digestive tract eg if you only have constipation, that’s a lung problem not a spleen problem.  A craving for sweet foods is a classic sign of spleen imbalance.

As the spleen is connected with the immune system, any immunity issues will relate to the spleen, such as frequent (general) illnesses and infections.  Auto-immune conditions are also spleen like lupus and Hashimoto’s.

Spleen-dominant people are by far the ones most likely to be overweight.  Overweight can be caused by other things as well of course, though spleen is always likely to be a factor.  If someone is a little underweight and has problems putting on muscle weight, that’s a spleen problem too.  Diabetes, hypoglycaemia, insulin resistance are all classic spleen based problems as are blood sugar issues in general.  Food intolerances can also be spleen, as is candida or any kind of yeast or fungal infection.  This applies anywhere on the body, so even a fungal infection on the foot will be about ‘damp spleen’.  Mouth ulcers are spleen but red or sore spots on the tongue are heart.  Cracked or sore lips will be spleen too as is a crack or line running down the middle of the tongue and scalloped edges to the tongue like bite-marks.

The bodily fluid associated with the spleen is saliva.  Generally people don’t produce enough saliva.  The more you produce, the better you digest your food.  Some people breathe through their mouth which makes the mouth dry as well as being bad news in other ways.  Add to this the fact that most people don’t chew their food enough and you get a situation where people don’t digest their food properly.

The emotional problems of the spleen are mainly apathy and a tendency to worry.  This is worry as distinguished from anxiety (kidneys) in that an anxious person is in such a state of fear that they are almost ready to run, whereas worrying is passive; it’s something people can do in bed at night.  Also people with a spleen imbalance may talk too much.  This is the kind of person who can tell you’re not really interested but they continue to talk anyway.  This is because they’re not really trying to convey information or uplift you or influence you in any way, they are just trying to blow off some spleen energy to get relief.  The apathy aspect comes in as well because they don’t really care whether you’re interested.  In extreme cases, such a person may even carry on talking after you leave the room; you are irrelevant to their conversation!

If you find yourself with blood sugar issues yet have a sweet tooth or maybe you have digestive issues and spend a great deal of time worrying, you may need to heal the important organ system of your spleen.

Elwin Robinson

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