Healing the Liver System to Holistically find Improved Health and Wellbeing

Part 3 of 3: How to Heal your Liver

rapids-1429557-mWelcome to the final installment in my three part series on the Chinese liver system. Previously, I wrote about the symptoms of a sick liver as well as why a healthy liver is so important to a healthy and fulfilled life. Here, I will be discussing the steps to take to have a healthy liver. I hope you learn much!

To begin, I would like to present you with a case study of one of my clients, Peter.

Peter was a big strong guy who worked out regularly.  He came to me because he was having skin problems and an increasing problem with digestion, suffering alternating constipation and diarrhea.  He was getting frequent headaches and had more and more tension especially in his neck and shoulders.  When I began to work with him, it was easy for me to tell from his emotional life and his relationships with other people that he was an angry person.  He felt frustrated about life and the world in general. We looked at supporting his liver with liver cleansing herbs. Within about 3 months, his skin problems and headaches had gone.  He was pleased to tell me that he was able to do significantly more in the gym; bigger weights but especially finding he had greater endurance.  He said some shockingly foul stuff had come out of him during that 3 months.  Best of all, his agitation about life and anger at the people around him had reduced to such an extent that both his personal and work life were hugely better.  This astounded Peter because he wasn’t expecting that result.  He had been able to imagine having clearer skin and having his bowels function well but he had been unable to imagine a world where people didn’t make him angry.  He was a much more pleasant person to be around, for everyone in his life, particularly his children.

There are various protocols out there for cleansing and flushing the liver but they can sometimes have unwanted side effects.  If your intestines are not clear and functioning efficiently, the waste products flushed out of the liver won’t be moved quickly enough out of the body and may get into the bloodstream.  While they are in the bloodstream they will make you feel unwell, and then they have to be processed by the liver all over again.  You need to make sure your intestines are clear to get the full benefits of a liver flush without unpleasant side effects.

A gentle but very effective way of cleansing the liver is to use Chinese herbs.  A blend of herbs specifically designed for the purpose is best, as taking a single herb just to clean the liver itself would potentially have the same problems as an ordinary liver flush.  Lion Heart Herbs Cleanse formula is a gentle and powerful blend of herbs designed not just to clean the liver but also to support the blood in carrying away the waste products quickly and without discomfort.  It contains bupleurum, one of the few medicinal herbs used at Lion Heart Herbs.  It acts like washing up liquid in the liver to suds out the gunk from your liver.

With the other Lion Heart Herb formulas you can feel free to have as much as you want for as long as you want.  Because bupleurum is a medicinal herb, Cleanse is unlike the other Lion Heart Herb formulas in that you need to keep to the dosage instructions on the packet and take it for no more than 90 days at a time.  At the end of 90 days, your liver will be completely cleansed and rejuvenated.

When working with individuals with liver issues, I often reflect upon the quote by Maya Angelou;

“Life loves the liver of it!”

Life loves those who live it to the fullest! If you display symptoms of a congested, sick liver, remember to try the Lion Heart Herb Cleanse formula to safely and gently bring your liver back to balance and good health.

Elwin Robinson

Elwin Robinson is the Founder of Lion Heart Herbs, Europe's #1 Educator on the Taoist approach to Health, and #1 Supplier of High Quality and Affordable Taoist Tonic Herbs to the World.

Elwin is also the Founder of Complete Detox Academy, Taoist Health Academy, the Health Coaching Institute and High Energy Academy, as well as the author of 'the Easy Exhaustion Cure' and 'the 4 Step Safe and Effective Detox Action Plan'.

Elwin is highly Enthusiastic about empowering people to feel Energized, Joyful and Alive, Naturally and Sustainably, and has worked over 5 years with over 1000 clients towards this goal. Elwin is particularly passionate about working with clients who are highly committed to reaching high levels of Health, Energy and Wellbeing, by natural and sustainable means.

Elwin has always been interested in Health since childhood. With a mother who had cancer 4 times, and a father with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Elwin is determined to get to the Root Causes of what really creates Disease, and what it really takes to have Outstanding Health and Wellbeing. After suffering from Health Challenges all his life, Elwin became determined, in 2007, to 'Get his Energy back or Die Trying', and, with this level of Resolve, made rapid progress, after a few false starts, which led him naturally, organically, after many requests, to dedicate himself full time to helping others get the kind of Results that he had achieved.
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