Intro – The Five Organ Systems

organ systemsWhy do you need to know about the
organ systems?

If you understand the basics about the five organ systems in Chinese medicine, it will help you to choose with confidence the best tonic herbs and herb formulas to suit your individual needs. Also, it can be helpful to understand this if you have a number of symptoms or ailments and feel you don’t know where to start because all of those symptoms may all relate to one particular organ system. If that’s the case then instead of worrying about how to deal with ten apparently unrelated problems, you only need to heal and strengthen the relevant organ system and all of those symptoms will sort themselves out.

What’s meant by an ‘organ system’?

In Chinese medicine, when we refer to kidneys, lungs, liver, heart or spleen, we mean the integrated organ systems that perform the major functions of the body. These systems control parts of the body that may not seem related at first glance. For example, the kidneys control the bones and joints. The organ systems also control emotions – the kidneys relate to stress and anxiety for example. In fact the emotions are often the earliest warning signs of problems that are developing, so they are a good guide to the health or otherwise of your major organ systems. If you have certain emotions that arise often or dominate your emotional landscape, then this is a warning signal. More information on this coming soon, here.