Angelica or Dang Gui

angelica-dang-guiFor blood building, for cleansing and for menstrual disorders

“Keep your blood clean, your body lean, and your mind sharp” – Henry Rollins

The first benefit of Angelica (Dang Gui) is that it’s an excellent blood cleanser.   It’s so safe and easy to use and will help transport toxins through the blood and out of the body as quickly and easily as possible with minimum effort.  It is one of the ingredients in Lion Heart Herbs Cleanse formula.

Dang gui is a powerful tonic for relieving menstrual issues.  It can help with the full spectrum of problems from when you’re not menstruating at all to when you’re menstruating too heavily or irregularly.  Dang gui is a double directional tonic herb which means whatever’s going on, it helps to restore balance to the cycle.  An ideal combination with other herbs is when dang gui is blended with white peony and a small amount of ligusticum, as is the case in the Cleanse formula.

As one of the top herbs for tonifying and building blood, dang gui has been widely used for a long time to treat anaemia as it can increase the red blood cell count.  Dang gui can be used after an illness, injury or surgery to rebuild red blood cells and to increase blood volume.  Research shows it contains vitamin B12 and it contains cobalt which is a mineral that helps build B12 – plus many other nutrients that can help the body to overcome anaemia.

Dang gui is famous as beauty herb especially when used with other beauty herbs like schizandra.  In particular, it benefits the complexion by improving circulation in the skin and will detoxify the skin, helping to clear blemishes.

You’ll notice I kept mentioning herbs to combine with dang gui.  It is rarely used on its own.  You need to use it with another herb, the choice of herb depending on what specific purpose you have in mind.  Of course, you can just buy a ready made formulation like Lion Heart Herbs Cleanse blend.

Taste; pungent and sweet
Treasures; blood
Organs; spleen, kidneys, liver
Temperature; warm

Elwin Robinson

Elwin Robinson is the Founder of Lion Heart Herbs, Europe's #1 Educator on the Taoist approach to Health, and #1 Supplier of High Quality and Affordable Taoist Tonic Herbs to the World.

Elwin is also the Founder of Complete Detox Academy, Taoist Health Academy, the Health Coaching Institute and High Energy Academy, as well as the author of 'the Easy Exhaustion Cure' and 'the 4 Step Safe and Effective Detox Action Plan'.

Elwin is highly Enthusiastic about empowering people to feel Energized, Joyful and Alive, Naturally and Sustainably, and has worked over 5 years with over 1000 clients towards this goal. Elwin is particularly passionate about working with clients who are highly committed to reaching high levels of Health, Energy and Wellbeing, by natural and sustainable means.

Elwin has always been interested in Health since childhood. With a mother who had cancer 4 times, and a father with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Elwin is determined to get to the Root Causes of what really creates Disease, and what it really takes to have Outstanding Health and Wellbeing. After suffering from Health Challenges all his life, Elwin became determined, in 2007, to 'Get his Energy back or Die Trying', and, with this level of Resolve, made rapid progress, after a few false starts, which led him naturally, organically, after many requests, to dedicate himself full time to helping others get the kind of Results that he had achieved.
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