What is Lion Heart Herbs all About?


First and foremost, Lion Heart Herbs is about community.  At the time of writing, it’s a community 10,000 strong of subscribers and customers who have come together through shared values.

High Standards

One of the values the members of this community share is having high standards, not just in the products they choose, but also high standards in their lives.  If you are a Lion Heart Herbs community member, it’s very likely that you demand of yourself a high level of health and vitality.  You either already are – or are on your way to – looking and feeling good most of the time.  You intend to continue looking and feeling alive, radiant and youthful for as long as possible.  That’s what we’ve come together for.

Realistic and Optimistic

As a Lion Heart Herbs community member, your attitude is both optimistic and realistic.  You don’t expect a some magic pill or miracle cure to instantly fix years of challenge.  On the other hand, you know that wherever there is challenge or adversity, there must also be a solution.

We Care

That’s the other thing about this community; we care.  We care about ourselves in that we have high self esteem.  We look after ourselves and invest in ourselves.  But of course, we also care about other people.  We care about the people around us and we care about the wider world.  We care about not polluting the world, we care about looking after nature, and we care about making this world the best place it can be.  We care about our future.  We care about future generations and the consequences our actions will have on them.

What about the store values at Lion Heart Herbs?

I have come to regard Lion Heart Herbs as more than a store, but as a kind of entity in itself with its own values.  Every really good business needs to have its own values so that when there’s a decision to make, it can be made based on those values.

It’s exactly the same with a human being.  You know that if you have clarified your values, you are much more likely to move through life in a way which is beneficial for you, for those around you and for the world in general.  That’s really what we’re doing here.

The Lion Heart Herbs values – more or less in order of importance – are all about:


The most important value of all is integrity.  In practice this means being really clear and up-front.  It means being consistent and congruent so that we don’t make a recommendation one day and then try to sell you something that goes against that the next day.

As an example: a few years ago I was being pressured to stock something that was highly profitable and that everyone wanted and often asked for.  But I refused to put it on the site because I had my doubts about it, I just didn’t feel good about that product.  About a year later, there was a big scandal about the product because it turned out there was a probability that it was bad for you, and I was glad I had stuck to the Lion Heart Herbs value of integrity.  Even if a product is profitable and popular, I won’t stock it unless I can do so with integrity.


Of perhaps equal importance is that at Lion Heart Herbs, we care about your results.  If something is vaguely supposed to be beneficial for you, that’s not enough on its own to make it good enough to be a Lion Heart product.  What we’re into is, whatever challenge you first came here with, whatever goal you have, our priority is that you’re actually making progress with that.  Even if it’s not perfect yet, you’re getting somewhere.  It’s all about delivering those results for you.

When you see the Results tab at the top of the store page, that’s where you’ll find out more about specific recommendations for the different results you are looking for.


So many health product stores out there tell you that a particular supplement will miraculously solve your health problem.  I’m not going to say that to you.  I have certainly seen great results happen very quickly again and again; I get many emails about how the herbs have worked immediately for people.  But I’m not going to claim that that’s always going to be the case.  Sometimes it takes a long time.  Sometimes other things are necessary as well.  So I am always going to be realistic and honest with you.


Lion Heart Herbs values compassion.  We care about our customers.  We’re not just trying to sell you stuff.  That’s part of the job of the store, but we care about your well-being and we care about you getting results.  If what you truly need is something that we don’t stock, we’ll recommend it anyway even though you’ll be buying it elsewhere.


These high standards don’t just apply to our health and our lives.  At Lion Heart Herbs, it’s very specifically about our place in the world.  We aim to have the very best store in the world.  We aim to have the best products, the best customer service, the best free training – and the best customers, like you!  In everything we do, we try to do it better and better because that is what you deserve.

Sign up and join the Lion Heart Herbs family

Thanks for reading and if you’re not already signed up as a Lion Heart Herbs community member, I highly recommend you go and sign up now.  Check out the Results section by clicking the tab at the top of the Store page and learn more about the recommendations that are relevant to whatever you’re trying to achieve.  Have a browse around.  Enjoy!