5 Ways to Avoid Nitrates this Summer

downloadBBQs, potlucks, grill outs… summer party time is here! With a party comes lots of grilled hot dogs, sandwiches with processed meats and sausages roasted over a fire. Sadly, these foods also contain additives called nitrates and nitrites.

Over the last few years there has been a lot of controversy surrounding nitrates.

Nitrates are a normal part of our diet as they naturally occur in fruits and vegetables but are also added as a preservative to cured meats like sausage, hot dogs, lunch meat, and are also now found in our water because of agricultural runoff. Here is where the conflict lies as excessive levels can cause problems, especially for kids who pound for pound take in more than adults do.

They have been linked to diseases like leukemia, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and ovarian, colon, rectal, bladder, stomach, and esophageal, pancreatic, and thyroid cancer, as well as genetic mutations.

Here are 5 ways to keep nitrates and nitrites off of your plate this summer:

1.  Do not eat processed meats– If you are at a family picnic, pass on the hot dogs and grilled sausages. When you just need to have one, purchase a nitrite and nitrate free sausage and bring your own to the party.

2.  Eat organic– Here is another reason to eat organic. Because of the high levels of synthetic nitrate fertilizer used in conventional farming, non-organic fruits and vegetables contain higher levels of nitrates. Organic fruits and veggies contain ‘normal’ amounts (which your body needs).

3.  Purchase a water filter–  Nitrate levels in our groundwater is, sadly, increasing every year due to the high levels of nitrate fertilizer use in agriculture. The runoff ends up in our drinking water. A high quality filter will take these nitrates out of your water.

4.  Eat lots of antioxidants–  Certain vitamins, like vitamin C, can reduce the conversion of nitrates.

5.  Purchase whole cuts of pastured or grass-fed meats from your local farmer–  Doing this helps you to be sure the food is not processed or injected with all sorts of chemicals including nitrates.

Elwin Robinson

Elwin Robinson is the Founder of Lion Heart Herbs, Europe's #1 Educator on the Taoist approach to Health, and #1 Supplier of High Quality and Affordable Taoist Tonic Herbs to the World.

Elwin is also the Founder of Complete Detox Academy, Taoist Health Academy, the Health Coaching Institute and High Energy Academy, as well as the author of 'the Easy Exhaustion Cure' and 'the 4 Step Safe and Effective Detox Action Plan'.

Elwin is highly Enthusiastic about empowering people to feel Energized, Joyful and Alive, Naturally and Sustainably, and has worked over 5 years with over 1000 clients towards this goal. Elwin is particularly passionate about working with clients who are highly committed to reaching high levels of Health, Energy and Wellbeing, by natural and sustainable means.

Elwin has always been interested in Health since childhood. With a mother who had cancer 4 times, and a father with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Elwin is determined to get to the Root Causes of what really creates Disease, and what it really takes to have Outstanding Health and Wellbeing. After suffering from Health Challenges all his life, Elwin became determined, in 2007, to 'Get his Energy back or Die Trying', and, with this level of Resolve, made rapid progress, after a few false starts, which led him naturally, organically, after many requests, to dedicate himself full time to helping others get the kind of Results that he had achieved.
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