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  • How to Reduce Cravings, Improve Mood and Prevent Energy Slumps by Balancing Blood Sugar - Blood Sugar Balance is easier than you’ve been led to believe! In fact, my experience says that with just 1 Simple Trick, which I’ll explain to you right here, you’ll be 100 times more likely to keep your Blood Sugar balanced, all day, even if you make a mistake, and perhaps don’t eat perfectly, later […]
  • Top 10 Health Products to take when Traveling? - What are your ‘Must Have’ Health Products that you always take with you, when you go away? Recently I’ve been getting asked: “I’m going away soon, and don’t have a lot of space in my bag…what would you recommend are the ‘must have’ Health Products to take with you when traveling?” The more I thought […]
  • weight loss Is ‘Anti Aging’ a Worthwhile Pursuit? - In ‘Anti Aging’ A Cause worth Pursuing? Or is it just Vanity? Are we better off just accepting the Aging Process and Enjoying ourselves? Whenever I offer an ‘Anti Aging’ or Longevity Program, like my Taoist Health Academy, or even just when I talk about making healthy choices, someone always comes up with one of […]
  • acid and alkaline balnce What is the Ideal Human Diet…and does it even exist? - The ‘Perfect Diet’..is there such a thing? On coaching calls, I often get asked some version of the question: ‘What do you think of {insert latest diet here}?’ or, simply: ‘I’m so confused about what I should eat. Everyone seems to say something different…and most of it is contradictory. What do you recommend?’ It’s an […]
  • Schisandra What’s the Best Herb in the World? - What’s the best Herb in the World? In my perspective, it’s unquestionably… Schizandra Why? Well, as you probably know, the few dozen available Tonic Herbs are considered to be the most Superior herbs out of all the 10,000s of herbs available. And, of all those Tonic Herbs, just 1 Herb: Enters all 12 Meridians Strengthens […]
  • Tonic Herb Recipe Prizes Announced - Tonic Herb Recipe Prizes Announced Did you see all the amazing recipes posted on our Facebook page by Lion Heart Herbs Customers? See them here: https://www.facebook.com/lionheartherbs Well, Good News…it’s time to announce the Winners. Yes, that’s right, I meant to say winners, plural. There were so many great entries that it look longer than I […]